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Non Laser Tattoo Removal

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Here at Scarlett Peach Permanent Makeup I have been trained to offer an alkaline based removal treatment.

This is an effective way of removing pigment from the skin, without the need for a laser

It is respectful to the skin and is carried out carefully to avoid scarring.

Why? What is the need for Tattoo Removal?

There are a number of reasons as to why I came to offer this treatment.

  • As you may or may not have heard, semi permanent makeup is not semi permanent. The pigments used in the treatments are made to fade. As they fade, the colour of the pigments can fade in different stages. (For example - you may have seen an older brow tattoo look blue or pink.) If the skin is heavily saturated, colour correction would not be an option and some pigment would need to be lifted out to make room in the skin for the colour correctors.

  • People change their mind - I have had clients come to the clinic in search of brow removal, as at the time of their treatment they wanted big bold brows, but now they would like a more natural look.

  • Body Tattoos - Bad decisions can be made when younger or older - no judgements here! (Guilty!)

  • Emergency Eyebrow Removal - This is one of the main reasons I wanted to offer the treatment. There are so many new PMU artists popping up from the shadows after doing an online course and practicing on real faces. This is not acceptable and is leaving clients upset and feeling insecure. I will write another post on this at a later date. Emergency brow removal is available up to 48 hours after the initial treatment.

There are many other reasons and stories that could be shared as to why Non Laser Tattoo Removal is a method that any PMU artist should have under their belt, but I am sure you get the idea.

The Product - MM Tattoo Remover

After researching non laser tattoo removal methods, I decided to train in the highly recommended MM Tattoo Removal. It is an alkaline based solution mixed with glycolic acid. Using a chemical extraction process means it is one of the most efficient ways of safely lifting pigment from the skin.

The Process of Tattoo Removal

In each case of tattoo removal, a consultation must take place before hand. This is so I can inspect your area of concern and together we can come up with a plan.

Most removals take more than one session, as each persons skin is a unique living organ and we cannot be predict how it will react.

On the day of your session, you will come in to the clinic and the area will be treated with a topical numbing cream. This is to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process.

Once you are numbed I will begin the removal process. This is done in a very similar way to the micropigmentation method, using the same handpiece, just a different solution.

After your treatment, this is where you will have to carry on the removal process at home by keeping the area clean and following your aftercare instructions. Due to the nature of the removal method, there will be some dryness and scabbing in place for a few days, this is good news and means the removal is active.

Once the skin has had time to settle and fully heal, you will then be ready for another session. Under no circumstances, will I go back into your skin unless you are fully healed. This is because skin is easily scarred and I want you to have the best results possible and leave with your skin in the best condition with full integrity.

If you have any questions about tattoo removal, whether that be eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, body tattoos etc, please get in touch and I will be happy to help!


S x



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