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What is Permanent Makeup?
What is PMU?

Permanent make up can be known as many different things. Micropigmentation, Semi Permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing just to name a few.
I like to refer to it as Permanent as it is essentially a tattoo with pigment being placed into the skin.

The industry has come along way in the past few years so although it is a form of tattooing, there are many differences.

The colour we place under your skin is a pigment and not an ink as used in body tattoos. 

Pigments are able to slowly fade away over time, so top ups will be needed to keep your makeup looking fresh and sharp whereas in a tattoo the ink will not fade and is therefore a permanent fixture in the skin.

A tattoo is injected deeper into the the base layer of skin and PMU is fairly superficially so it can, essentially, fade with time.

In PMU we use a rotary machine, which is a pen style device. It operates at a variable lower frequency than a tattooing machine giving us the ability to control the depth of our pigment implantation, giving a softer more gentle experience.

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