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 " Ink or Swim: How to Pick Your Perfect Permanent Makeup Artist"

Updated: Feb 9

How do I choose a PMU artist?

Ah, the world of permanent makeup – where your face becomes the canvas and the right person, the artist. Choosing the wizard who will ink your brows, eyeliner, or lips permanently is no small feat. It's like picking your perfect car; you want it to be perfect and lasting, not something you live to regret!

Child hand drawing a face on a chalk board
Picking a PMU artist


Here's the lowdown on how to pick a permanent makeup artist without ending up looking like a social media meme.


Step 1: The Sherlock Holmes Phase – Investigate!


First things first, start with a bit of detective work. Stalking if you will!

This isn’t about solving a mystery but about uncovering your potential artist’s previous work. Check their portfolio – it's like peeking into their makeup diary. Are those brows your style? Do clients look better in their afters instead of befores? Do their brows make you want to throw away your brow pencils forever? If yes, proceed to the next step. If not, put on your detective hat and move onto the next artist.

Tip – In some pictures, straight after a brow tattoo, the colour may seem slightly warm, this is intentional! This is because us artists will use premodified warmer colours to allow for our skin which has cool colours to neutralise the warm tones! Once healed the eyebrows wont be too cool for your skin and hair tones and will look vibrant and natural!


Step 2: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!


In the digital age, a permanent makeup artist's reputation lives and dies by their online reviews. Dive into the abyss of Google reviews, Facebook and every review platform you can find. Do people sing their praises or scream in horror? Remember, everyone’s got an opinion, but consistency is key. If the feedback resembles a broken record of "miracle worker" or "saved my face," you might have found your golden goose. If you are able to, ask around!

Look at friends/ family or coworkers eyebrows and ask where they had theirs done, were they happy with their artist? And most importantly the outcome?


Step 3: The Consultation – The First Date


Congratulations, you’ve made it to the consultation! This is your chance to grill your potential artist and ask anything that is pressing on your mind regarding permanent makeup! Ask about their experience, their process, their pigments, everything under the sun. Don’t be afraid to ask for before-and-after photos or opinions. Chemistry matters here; you want to vibe with someone who gets you and you feel comfortable with.


Step 4: Hygiene Check – Cleanliness is Next to Gorgeousness


Let’s talk about hygiene. Your face isn’t just any canvas; it’s YOUR precious canvas! Ensure your artist follows strict hygiene protocols. In Shropshire permanent makeup artists and their premises should be licensed. This means that they have been visited and checked by the council and have been deemed safe to work. The last thing you want is an infection because someone forgot to wrap their machine or reused unclean equipment. Ask about their safety methods and don’t shy away from asking to see what hygiene practices they have in place. It’s your face, your health and wellbeing after all.


Step 5: Price Tag Reality Check


Now, the financial talk. Permanent makeup isn’t the place for bargain hunting. Quality comes at a cost, and cheap work could lead to an expensive fix. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Invest in your face as you would in a Picasso, not a knock-off.


Step 6: Trust Your Gut


Last but not least, trust your instincts. If something feels off or if your gut’s throwing a party of doubts, listen to it. You want an artist who makes you feel comfortable and safe, not like you’re about to embark on a face-changing rollercoaster without a seatbelt.


In conclusion, finding the right permanent makeup artist is like finding the yin to your yang. It takes research, intuition, and a pinch of audacity. Go forth, armed with your newfound wisdom, and remember: your face is a canvas, and your artist, the brush-wielding maestro. Choose wisely, and may your eyebrows be forever on point!



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