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What is the difference between Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup?



Semi Permanent makeup is the exact same thing as Permanent Makeup.

The reason some choose to call it Semi Permanent is because the pigments used in our industry have the ability to fade.

Pigment fading is beneficial to a client for numerous reasons including but not limited to :

  • Ageing - When we age, our face shape can change, meaning we are able to tweak your makeup shape.

  • Colours - As we go through life we like to change. Be that our hair colour, our make up preferences etc. For example - if we had the same black brows we had as a brunette, now we are blonde, this would look odd!

  • Fashions - Once upon a time, very thin arched brows were fashionable, now we are seeing more fuller brows in fashion. Fashion is always evolving, and permanent makeup fading allows for this.


" I made the decision  to call my work Permanent Makeup.
I believe that by me saying this, it is being entirely honest and transparent to my clients.
Yes, the pigments I use, can and do fade, but in my opinion, they never fully 100% leave the skin.
To the naked eye, you may not be able to see the pigment if it has faded enough, but remnants can still remain under the skin surface.
I feel it is important for clients to know this before they make their decision to have permanent makeup. "
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