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Piercing Aftercare

Ok so you have your new piercing - What now?

Healing wont happen overnight (and in some cases, can take a whole year) but there are things that you can do to help the body in its healing process.

The information below should be read thoroughly and if you have any questions, get in touch!

Aftercare Advice


  • Swelling, Bruising, Redness and Bleeding is completely normal for a new piercing - This should subside within 4 weeks

  • Always Wash your hands thoroughly

  • Clean the piercing 2 x daily - Using a sterile spray/ solution - Front and Back of the piercing

  • Try not to touch your piercing - Contrary to popular belief, we do not advise to turn your piercing at all

  • Avoid swimming in pools, natural water sources or hot tubs until your piercing is healed

  • Do not apply moisturisers or any chemicals to the area

  • Keep Glasses or hats etc anything that can touch your piercing clean

  • For Navel piercings, wear loose fitting clothes that wont sit tightly on the pierced area

  • Keep hair clean and away from the piercing in the initial weeks

  • Avoid sunbathing or tanning beds

  • Do not change your jewellery until it is healed - Unless you need to downsize

  • Avoid sleeping on the piercing until healed

  • With Nose piercings - Try not to blow excessively due to discomfort



  • Swelling, Redness and Bleeding is common for the first few weeks, however if this continues, I would advise to seek medical help as it could be infected.

  • Any excessive pain, swelling or heat is a sign of infection.

  • Healing a piercing takes time and requires care - please do not forget to clean your piercing, it is essentially a wound that needs to be monitored

  • Take care not to snag your new piercing on towels and clothes - this can cause discomfort, pain and possible migration

  • Rejection can happen to any piercing. A new piercing is a piece of jewellery in the skin that our body doesn't recognise. It may, in some case, push it out of the skin as an unwanted foreign body.

  • Piercings can take up to a year to heal entirely. Lobes tend to heal within 2 - 4 months, everywhere else will be longer. 

  • Piercing bumps can occur on anyone at anytime after a piercing, they are usually caused by irritation but if they persist, get in touch with Scarlett or seek medical advice.

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