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Permanent Makeup Aftercare

Now that your permanent make up has been applied, there are a few steps you must take to keep the area clean so it heals in the best way possible.

I ask my clients to 'Dry Heal.'

This is where we keep the treatment area clean and free from any product. There may be some instances where I will ask a client to use a product to help them with their healing journey but for the most part I ask my clients to follow the steps listed below to clean their Permanent Make Up.

  • Boil some water and allow to cool down

  • Wash Hands thoroughly

  • Soak cotton wool pads in the cooled boiled water

  • Firmly swipe across treatment area to remove any lymph build up.

  • On day of appointment, please do this every 2 - 3 hours

  • Continue to do this for 7 days after the treatment

Also listed below are a few things to ensure you get the best results from your treatment.

  • Avoid wearing Make up in the treatment until the outer skin has healed - usually 7 - 10 days

  • Avoid Sweating/ Exercising for 7 Days as this could cause pigment to be pushed out with sweat

  • Avoid using Active skincare ingredients on the treatment area

  • Avoid Swimming - In Pools/ Sea/ Lakes/ Hot tubs for 2 weeks

  • Avoid Facials, Saunas, Steam Rooms, Long showers for 2 weeks

  • Sleep on a CLEAN pillowcase from day of treatment

  • Avoid touching area

  • Lip Blushing - Avoid Spicy, Salty or Citrus foods for 3 -5 Days

  • Avoid all Gardening Duties 

If you are unsure about anything after your treatment, please get in touch and I will be happy to answer any of your questions!

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