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PMU FAQ - Here are some questions I am asked regularly about permanent makeup, if these don't answer any questions you may have, get in touch and I would be happy to answer anything you have to ask

Is permanent makeup for me?

Permanent Make Up is chosen by lots of people for lots of different reasons. 

Here are just a few examples -

  • Time saving - Wake up already made up. No need to fill in brows or put on lip colour.

  • Correct Sparse Eyebrows - Filling in gap for a fuller yet still natural brow with an eyebrow tattoo.

  • Correct natural lip line - some people have a very blurred lip line and a lip liner treatment can sharpen the line.

  • Lash Line Enhancement can give the illusion of thicker natural lashes.

Does permanent makeup hurt?

I have had many clients who fall asleep!
But during your Free consultation and patch test, I will apply a small amount of topical anaesthetic cream. This will be used before and during your treatment to minimise/ cancel any pain. 

How long does permanent makeup take?

Depending on what treatment you have chosen, your appointment could take between 1 - 3 hours. This is because we allow time to numb and will not rush the design of the make up that is to be applied. The tattoo will not start until you are 100% happy with the design.

Is permanent makeup safe?

The pigments I use in all treatments are the highest quality regulated to UK Standards. They are also cruelty free and vegan.

All permanent make up treatments require a patch test at least 48 hours before. This is to ensure your safety and to ensure you wont have any adverse effects from the pigment ingredients.

Can permanent makeup be removed?

The short answer is yes!

The removal of semi / permanent makeup is achievable if done by a professional. Each Individual case is different and outcomes can vary. There are many different types of removal services all having their own pros and cons.

You may have seen permanent makeup procedures that have ended badly but this is because the artist may not have been taught the correct procedure or did not apply the right technique.

We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the most current and advised techniques here at Scarlett Peach PMU Ltd. 

I am scared of needles?

You are not alone! Tell me about it!

I too am scared of needles, but at consultation I can show you that the device I use to implant pigment is not a syringe style. We do not push a needle with force into your skin. I work very delicately and superficially on the skin surface to cause minimal trauma and I can assure you that you wont even think of it as a needle when your treatment date arrives!

Is the clinic clean and safe?


When Scarlett Peach Permanent makeup was just an idea, I wanted to make sure that everything I learnt was built upon the basis of cleanliness and hygiene.

Every single surface is cleaned and the floor is mopped daily.

The council also visited to inspect my clinic and the procedures I have put into place.

I am proud to say we are a licenced premises and have the certificate displayed in the clinic.

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