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Powder Brows

Powder Brows are a form of cosmetic tattoo that is applied to the brow area of a client.

Here at Scarlett Peach PMU Ltd, Powder Brows are our most popular treatment.

As we age (and we all do!) our eyebrows can begin to look different. 

They can become sparse and loose the fullness we once had, as well as our hair begins to change colour.

Maybe the dark brown luscious eyebrows we once sported, are now greying or turning white.

When this happens, our brows can begin to fade away against our skin.

Similarly, having blonde brow hair can also have the same effect.


This is where a Powder Brow treatment can lift the look of the face!

Having pigment applied under the skin where the natural brows should/ do reside, we can achieve a beautifully yet natural look.

Here are a few benefits of the Powder Brow Treatment :

  • Definition - beautifully sculpted brows 24/7

  • Natural Looking Colour - Using your own skin/ hair tones we can create your perfect shade

  • Shape - By mapping our your natural features we are able to create the perfect set of brows to suit your needs

  • Youthful look - When mapping your brows, we can choose to lift the tail of the brow to give a more youthful appearance!

  • Waterproof - Once healed these brows cannot be removed with water! No rain, sea or swimming pool can make them disappear!

  • Smudgeproof - Having your perfect brows tattooed can ensure they stay perfectly in place 24/7!

  • Very little maintenance - A touchup once every year or so, can give you peace of mind that they are still looking their best for you!

To get your new set of Powder Brows, book a consultation with Scarlett. This is a free, no obligatory appointment where we can discuss your needs and run through the entire treatment so you are fully prepared.

We are also able to patch test you at this appointment and if you decide to go ahead, book you in for your treatment! 

Powder Brow on Client with no eyebrow hair
Powder Brow on blonde client
Powder Brow added to Dark Brows
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